[TOP 5] Best Mixer Grinders in India

Seeking for the best mixer grinders in India? Check out our analysis before making your final choice!

The mixer grinders are becoming the most common household appliances in almost every kitchen. A mixer grinder makes various cooking tasks easy and relieves you from manual work.

The mixer grinders as the name speak for itself are for grinding tasks in the kitchen. These mixers we can say are not that expensive appliance if we compare with other kitchen appliances.

There is a myth amongst the people for these mixer grinders that cheap is not good. But the market is loaded with a variety of mixer grinders priced form affordable ones to the expensive ones. The first and foremost thing is that the grinder should complete those basic tasks. And there are popular among the people about the best mixer grinders in India. Some grinding machines are only made for specific tasks, and before buying the user should keep in mind his requirements. The features are listed below.

Best Mixer Grinders in India – Best To Buy

Best Mixer Grinders In India – Comparison Chart in 2020

Best Mixer Grinders in India Reviews

No. 1
Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

Best Overall

Bajaj is an established brand in the Indian market that has long earned the trust of millions of Indian customers by providing high-quality home appliances at fair prices

The Bajaj Range of Mixer Grinders ae a durable kitchen appliance made of stainless steel, which prevents rusting and has vacuum feet for easy operation. It comes with different stainless steel jars that allow versatile operations in the kitchen so that it can be used for multiple purposes.

Here are Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder worth mentioning features:

  1. 500W Motor: The 500W motor is powerful enough to carry out several tasks. Further, the appliance comes with vacuum feet for ease of operation, preventing it from sliding.
  2. 3 Jars: The Rex 500 W mixer grinder comes with 3 jars – a 1.2 L liquidizing jar, a 0.8 L dry grinding jar and a 0.3 L chutney jar.
  3. 3 Speed Control: This makes grinding and blending easier as you can increase or decrease the speed, without overloading the system. The mixer also bears an incher for momentary operation.
  4. Elegant Body Design: Bajaj Rex mixer grinder sports an elegant design that boasts of sturdiness as well as easy-grip handles, on the liquidizing jar.
  5. Multifunction Blade System: These enable you to grind and blend ingredients of varying textures effortlessly and quickly.
  6. Rust-Proof Body: The Rex 500W has a sturdy rust-proof body and a highly durable stance. The premium quality ABS plastic will not corrode with time. Besides, it also lends a shiny finesse to the appliance that will enhance the overall look of your kitchen.


  • 500 watts highly efficient Motor.
  • Suitable size and compact design.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Faster performance.


  • Makes Noise.
No. 2
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

Best Value For Money

Preethi Zodiac is a magnificent product that enlightens you with the amazing Vega 5 Motor which is embedded in it which grinds turmeric in 2 minutes.

Preethi Zodiac is a must-buy product for the consumers. It not only provides you with fine grind but also enlightens your kitchen with an amazing product. Along with powerful motor, it has fast motor cooling functionality which does cooling within no time.

A look at its features-

  1. Vega W5 Motor: The speed of the motor is so fast that it grinds turmeric in just 2 minutes and hence saves time.
  2. Super Sharp Multi-Functional Blades: All the jars come with Razor sharped stainless steel blades that allow the finest grinding and juicing experience.
  3. Master Chef Plus Jar: Preethi Zodiac has master chef jars which kneads aata in 1 minute and chops vegetables with 4 pulses.
  4. 3 in 1 Insta Fresh Juicer: Insta fresh juicer helps in the extraction of juice faster which is more customer-friendly.
  5. Forefront Speed Controls Knob: Preethi Zodiac has speed controls having a rotatory switch with 3 speed and incher.
  6. Graceful Design & Elegant Color: It’s designed with the art of sophistication. With the blend of soothing colors and fine craftsmanship, it guarantees to add elegance to your kitchen.


  • 750 watts powerful motor.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Awesome looks.
  • Highly durable body materials.
  • Two years warranty.


  • Makes Noise.
No. 3
Sujata Powermatic Plus 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata Powermatic Plus 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

Best High Performance

Sujata Powermatic Plus juicer mixer grinders are arguably the best that money can buy. It has proven itself over decades of toil and heavy use in thousands of hotels, cafes, juice parlors, etc. Perfect for homes, a sturdy, problem-free, reliable companion for life.

Sujata Powermatic Plus juicer mixer grinders are one of the best that money can buy. Perfect for homes, a sturdy, problem-free, reliable companion for life.

A brief description of its features-

  1. Power: 900 watts,
  2. Protection: Class I double insulated
  3. Includes: Juicer continuous(90 minutes), Blender 1750 ml, Grinder 1000 ml.
  4. Motor: Most powerful 900 watts motor with double ball bearings for efficiency, low maintenance, and trouble-free running for years.
  5. A juicer with a unique honeycomb filter mesh for finer juice with a higher yield.
  6. 22000 rpm operation- retains original flavor and aroma of juices and food.


  • One year warranty.
  • Attractive design.
  • Powerful 900 watts sturdy motor.
  • Double ball bearing.
  • Advanced juicing option.
  • Excellent performance.


  • Makes more noise as compared to others.
No. 4
Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder

Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder

Best Build Quality

Pulpy juice extraction with no bits and pieces, even for hard fruits.Enhanced capacity for maximum grinding performance.

Sturdy ABS body to withstand heavy grinding applications. Easy to operate switch knobs help to move different speed levels in a jiffy. Auto cut off ensures double protection. Free from spills and takes less time to clean. Powerful 750 W motor for best in class mixing grinding of tough ingredients processing. The mixer jar handles provide better grip and comfort.

A brief introduction to its features are as follows:-

  1. Powerful Motor: Powerful 750 W motor for better in class mixing grinding of tough ingredients processing.
  2. Superior Stainless Steel Leak Proof Jars: Enhanced capacity for maximum grinding performance. Free from spills and takes less time to clean.
  3. Pure Pulpy Juice Extraction: Pulpy juice extraction with no bits and pieces, even for hard fruits.
  4. Large Switch Knob: Easy to operate switch knob help to move different speed levels in a jiffy.
  5. Easy to Clean: Body with fewer edges, Makes it easy to clean.


  • Two years service warranty.
  • 750-Watt Copper Motor.
  • Reverse Quadra Flow system.
  • Shock absorbent material.
  • Auto Shut-Off Technology.
  • Four different capacity jars.


  • Makes Some Noise.
No. 5
Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Best Compact Design

The Prestige mixer grinder is equipped with a powerful motor. With every usage, you get to experience smooth and fast blending.

Bring home the Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder, your most versatile partner in the kitchen. The 3 stainless steel jars and transparent juicer jar are built to take care of any grinding and juicing need and the 750 watts heavy duty motor is designed to make every task quick and easy. Juicer Type: Centrifugal Juicer.

Here are it’s amazing features –

  1. Multi-Purpose Grinding: This Prestige mixer grinder can be used to serve various purposes. Starting from grinding solid ingredients to blending fruits, it allows you to perfectly blend everything.
  2. Stainless Steel Jars: Made of stainless steel, this mixer grinder has less chance of forming rust. The mixer can be washed and wiped easily.
  3. Powerful Motor: The 750-watt motor is designed to grind the most solid ingredients to a smooth texture. It is easy to use and gives you a fine blending experience.
  4. Efficient Blade System: The blade is designed to make the ingredients blend and grind perfectly. The blade is made from premium quality stainless steel.
  5. Sturdy Handle: The mauve-colored sturdy handle is made up of durable plastic. It perfectly fits into your grip and prevents slippage.
  6. Attractive Design: You will surely fall for this latest mixer grinding from Prestige for its alluring design. The transparent design of this mixer enables you to see the entire grinding and blending process clearly.


  • Two years warranty.
  • 750 watts powerful motor.
  • Durable stainless steel jars.
  • Overload protection.
  • Capable of grinding solid ingredients.


  • Makes Noise.
  • You may get a burning smell for the first few times of use, but it usually disappears after some time.

Best Mixer Grinders – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand Mixer Grinder is Best?

There are many brands available for the mixer grinders but if you have read our article, we have highlighted five brands. Bajaj, Preethi, Sujata, Philips and Prestige.

Which is The Best Mixer Grinder in 2020

As per our analysis, Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is the best among the other four.

Which Watt is good for mixer grinder?

Mixer watt is totally depends on usage of the grinder. If we consider normal grinding jobs, idea watt should be 500W.

Which is the most silent mixer grinder?

Normally all the mixer grinders makes noise but as per our analysis we found Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder is the most silent mixer grinder in the list.

Final Verdict

So, do you find your desired best mixer grinders in India from the above list? But, please find out your purposes of using the grinder first, such as grinding, pureeing, grating or chopping. Whether what your selection is, it is better to buy after referring to our recommendations as above. Carefulness will prevent you from wasting money and time. Believe us!

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