Smile Mom Easy Vegetable Chopper Cutter Set Review

Smile Mom Easy Vegetable Chopper Cutter Set (400 ml) for Kitchen with 3 Stainless Steel Blade (Violet) review.

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Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper Features


  • BEST CHOPPER & CUTTER for vegetable, fruit, salad, onion, garlic, tomato, ginger, nut, boneless meat
  • EASY CHOPPING CUTTING by simply pulling the cord! Number of pulls control how finely food is chopped
  • MADE OF: high quality food grade material, BPA free. No hazard to your health, safe for everyday use
  • MANUAL FOOD PROCESSOR has easy grip handle, airtight lid, plastic bowl, SS blades, anti-skid base
  • WARRANTY: We stand behind our product 100% with warranty against manufacturing defects.


Chopping eats a lot of effort and time time while preparing a delicacy in one’s kitchen. To resolve this hassle ‘Smile Mom’ brings an easy hand-powered food chopper with 3 sharp stainless steel blades to chop all the food you want in just no time.

This chopper uses hand power to work, hence saves electricity and eliminated unwanted noise against electronic grinders. With the Smile Mom’s Food Chopper, you may chop – vegetables, fruits, boneless meat, nuts, herbs and even ice when required. How cool is that?

Its body is made from high quality food-grade BPA-Free material, making it durable. Due to its small comfortable size, it may be carried outdoor during travel, camping, picnic, etc.

Quality Material

Smile Mom Food Chopper is built from BPA-Free (non-toxic plastic), quality food-grade material, which makes it light, flexible to certain extent and durable. It has 3 blades made from stainless steel, providing more life on the go.

Hand-powered Cutter

This device works on manual human power saving electricity and un-wanted noise generated from other electronic mixer grinders. The body top is embedded with handle and a string controlling the mobility of blades.

Safe & Easy to Use

Body of the chopper is designed to provide safety and easiness to the end user for everyday usage. It doesn’t consume electricity, making it safe for children as well.

Suitable for?

This innovative kitchen apparatus from Smile Mom will surely put a smile on your face. This hand operated chopper is made for chopping, cutting and blending by just pulling a cord. It is perfect for processing onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, boneless meat, nuts quickly. It is made of BPA free plastic ans is safe for everyday use. It comes with three types of blades for different types of chopping and blending. It has a capacity of 400 ml and requires no electricity. It is also easy to clean and occupies very less space during storage.

How it works?

It is really easy to use:

  • Take the Chopper container and fix the blades holder in the center
  • Cut the ingredients into appropriate size and place them in the container
  • Close the container with the Chopper lid; make sure it is locked securely
  • Hold the Chopper from one hand and pull the cord handle from the other. Repeat with the pull process until desired chopping size is achieved

Care Instructions

  • The bowl (container) and the blades set can be washed in dishwasher and even under the tab
  • The top lid should be rinsed with water after every use and should be damped with cloth or sponge

Customer Reviews of Smile Mom Easy Vegetable Chopper Cutter

Review 1


A Blessing!!!

12 September 2018

Size: 900 mlColour: Violet

Edited- so on the 4th day of the usage it has got minor scratches inside the wall of the container..wondering how since i donot use scrub while washing it and used it only to chop vegetables..have asked for a replacement.

Being a mother of two chores seemed endless with all the chopping work especially onions which we use in every single dish.
After reading the reviews of almost all the existing manual choppers in this site I decided to try this one..and it has not at all disappointed me! 900ml wiyh 4 blades fits perfectly well for a family of 4 ppl.
Chopping Cabbage..beetroot..radish..carrot..onion used to consume a lot of my time earlier, but not anymore!
Have been using it since 3days and might have used it for more than 10times already! Loving I hardly use my chopping board.
P.S. : couldnt chop spinach in it well..but since it does almost all the rest of the veggies, this con is compensated for me😊

Review 2



Excellent product

9 November 2018

Size: 900 mlColour: Violet

Very good for chopping vegetables in different sizes – for larger pieces, just pull 3-4 times, for fine chopped pull a few times more.
Care to be taken: Do not wash the upper lid (with the mechanism as it will rust inside), just wipe with a slightly damp cloth or kitchen tissue paper.

Sharp blades
Nice locking mechanism for lid
large size (as compared to the Prestige one which I have been using for more than a year now, which is also good, but small so can only cut max 2 onions in it)
Appears to be good quality plastic, came well packaged too (whereas the wonderchef manual food processor product I ordered, seems to have bad quality plastic, arrived cracked and broken the first time, was returned and second time also had a small crack, so asked for refund).

Cons: not found any yet! 🙂 will edit this review if any found with regular use.

Review 3

Swati matta

Beautiful colour & easy to use

15 July 2018

Size: 400 mlColour: Violet

This chopper is really amazing. Colour is so beautiful and unique that I am really loving it. It is very easy to handle & has a good size with sharp blades and moreover so sturdy & strong. It’s a life saving for me as I can easily chop onions without crying. In fact I can easily cut all the peppers, carrots, ginger, nuts & so on to make vegetables, soups & salads.

It is so easy to use and clean, does not require any electricity.. Just pull the cord & ALL DONE.

Thank you Amazon & Smile Mom… because of Chopper’s USES, COLOUR, SIZE … am actually smiling.

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